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Starter pack in earth building.

Home Plans. The earth builders plan catalogue.

Exploring the options available when building a sustainable home

Tipis by Don O'Connor PO Box 395 Daylesford, Vic 3460 Ph: 03 5348 7506 Strawbale building workshops

Eco Building advice, designs, plans for councils, inspections for homes in Adelaide, 35 years experience Phone Jack 08 8261 9049

Mongolian Gers/Yurts imported from Mongolia

Bohdan Dorniak @ Co Pty Ltd Architects and town planners. Environmentally sustainable, energy efficient building desin and documentation. Spesialising in strawbale and alternative construction technologies. 47 Propect Rd, Prospect, SA 5082

The Earthcare centre, a substantial building of rammed earth, mudbricks and strawbale, provides space for workshops, educational courses and displays.

Book: Earth Garden Building Book Design and Build Your Own House

#### RAMMED EARTH ####

Australian Rammed Earth Builders

Rammed earth walls are constructed by ramming a mixture of selected aggregates, including gravel, sand, silt and a small amount of clay, into place between flat panels called formwork.

Rammed Earth - with a veneer of science

Terrafirma Rammed Earth's website

Earth Building Research Forum

Rammed Earth Constructions Pty Ltd was set up in 1989, to meet a demand for rammed earth homes in the newly established Crystal Waters Permaculture Village

Rammed earth (pise) versus mudbrick (adobe)

INNOVATIVE DESIGN - Rammed Earth Walling System

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The FORMBLOCK Wall Building Kit is an easy to assemble modular system of in-situ block making formwork, suitable for stabilized earth, or concrete

Book: Pisť (Rammed Earth) Construction

Other books

A step-by-step trip through the construction process

Poured earth, rammed earth and concrete An article from EARTH GARDEN Magazine

Info on earth walls


Skillful Means is an architecture and construction firm commited to making buildings that are healthy for the people who use them, for the larger community, and the environment.

#### COB ####

Building with Cob by Ianto Evans

The wonderful world of cob or earth building in Australia is flexible and creative


Down to Earth Building Bee

The Cob Cottage Company




Cob in Cornwall – ecologically conscious builders

A Multi-Media Visit with Ianto Evans and Linda Smiley on New Developments in the World of Cob Building

City Farmer's Cob Shed

Welcome to COB Together! Featuring natural building workshops with cob, strawbale, and light straw-clay

#### STRAWBALE ####

Earth Garden Strawbale Information Pages

Strawbale cottage 'The willow's muse'

Huff 'n' Puff Strawbale Constructions

Construction systems Straw Bale

Interesting info from the Newton house website

Straw-bale building, a project by Nikki Brookman and Catherine Oermann Trinity College Gawler

Book: Practical Straw Bale Building by Murray Hollis

Book: The New Strawbale Home by Catherine Wanek

The IronStraw Group (USA)

Are straw bale houses an answer to the building crisis by ABC

Straw Bale House (Jo and Kerry Armstrong in Beenleigh)

Mitch built his straw bale house on 60 hectares


Skillful Means is an architecture and construction firm commited to making buildings that are healthy for the people who use them, for the larger community, and the environment.

We offer a design, advice, consultancy and training service to prospective builders, self-builders, architects and community groups who want to build with straw bales.

Welcome to my Walden! This load-bearing straw bale house was built by me, Carolyn Roberts, and many friends on evenings and weekends, using natural (straw bale walls, earthen plasters, earthen floor) and recycled materials wherever possible

Vital Systems is an ecological building, design and consulting company formed in 1997

One World Design is an architectural firm which specializes in sustainable natural building - especially straw-bale construction

La maison en paille (in French)

Les compaillons (in French)

#### HEMP ####

Build your house from hemp