Anyone can send faxes for free over the Internet, as described on p. 88.
Fax servers are a type of computer hooked up to the Internet. These servers
permit you to send an e-mail message directly to someone's fax machine the
same way you would send other e-mail for free.

TPC (The Phone Company) is a non-profit organization that operates a free
e-mail-to-fax service. They rely on volunteers from the U.S., Australia,
Canada, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, South Korea, New Zealand,
Portugal, Sweden, Taiwan, and the United Kingdom, who maintain fax servers
in their particular areas, so all phone calls to fax machines are local.

To send a fax to someone, first create the e-mail message. Then send it
using the following address, replacing the italicized variables with the
actual person's name and phone number, but keeping the punctuation
(including the underline) intact:

Note that the phone number is one continuous string of numbers, as shown in
the example above, and must include the "1" and the area code, even if the
fax is just being sent across town. The service automatically sends you an
e-mail confirmation, stating either that the fax transmission was
successful or that it did not go through because there is no local fax
server in that area.

Here's how to send a fax right now: 1) click on remote printer to send an
e-mail/fax message; 2) find the "Send To" window and delete the Firstname,
Lastname and faxnumber and replace them with your fax information; 3) fill
in your subject and fax message; 4) press send.


How to Receive E-mail Automatically on Your Fax Machine
If you live in an area covered by the TPC, you can forward e-mail
automatically, and at no cost, to your fax machine. If you would like
assistance in setting it up, consult the TPC homepage.

This arrangement can be problematic if you often receive long e-mail
messages, which, in this case, will be forwarded and will cause you to use
up a lot of fax paper (unless you use a computer which stores your faxes on
a hard disk). If you have your e-mail forwarded automatically, make sure
your friends and business associates know, so that they don't send you
extraneous information.

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